March Recess is Nearly Here!

Hi all!

Both the House and Senate will be off from March 24th to April 9th. Now is a good time to hold your MoC accountable and to let them know where your vote will be in the upcoming midterm elections!

We believe you should always make sure to discuss with your MoCs the things that matter most to you. Here are some issues Indivisible Rochester and Indivisible National suggest you bring up.

Accountability For The GOP Tax Scam

Ideas for questions to ask your Republican MoCs:

1.) will you release your tax returns? If not, why not? Will you at least tell us how much money you got back in your paycheck this month?

2.) Why did you support a tax bill that we all knew would benefit corporations and shareholders over workers and the middle class?

Why is there money for tax cuts for the wealthy, but not money for Social Security?

For your Democratic MoCs:

1.) Will you commit to repealing this law when Democrats retake your chamber of Congress?

NY Early Voting

According to the ACLU of New York, "New Yorkers face arbitrary registration deadlines, faraway polls and long lines just to cast a ballot. One of the top reasons residents say they didn’t vote is because they couldn’t find the time. In recent elections, red tape has caused dismal voter registration and turn-out across the state. Just last year New York had the eighth worst turn-out in the country."

Voting is our fundamental right and nothing should stop us from exercising it. 
Gov. Cuomo’s proposed budget would give voters 12 days before Election Day to cast a vote, allowing the flexibility to visit polling sites at their convenience. That means they could manage work obligations, illness, transportation, disability and unexpected obstacles to the polls. 

Call your representatives and make sure that Cuomo's proposal stays in the budget!
You can  easily find your elected officials using this website!

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