Welcome to Indivisible Rochester!

Hello and welcome to the Indivisible Rochester website! Indivisible Rochester is a grassroots organization dedicated to community activism and combating the Trump agenda. We are guided by progressive values and follow the principles of Indivisible as we work towards our goals. Our resistance and activism follows the values of non-violence, inclusion, tolerance, healing, and fairness.

We lead local actions and initiatives aimed at promoting and protecting people from the dangers of the Trump Administration’s policies, appointees, and rhetoric.  We stand in solidarity with People of Color, Immigrants, Refugees, LGBTQI people, the Muslim Community, the Jewish Community, Women, People with Disabilities, People with Mental Illness, the Deaf Community, Teachers, Scientists, Environmentalists, and all other marginalized and oppressed groups and entities that are likely to be targeted in these uncertain times.

Please get to know us by checking out our various pages and consider signing up to become an active member!

Photo: Jonathan Broida