Our Mission

As a resistance group in association with Indivisible Guide, our mission is to resist the Trump Agenda. We are dedicated to truth, justice, and democracy and oppose all who seek to undermine them.

The second part of our mission it to move our country forward with a bold, progressive agenda.  We recognize that there are causes that require a rapid response (for example, protesting against unfair immigration restrictions), as well as those that have a longer horizon for success (for example, bringing equity to legislative districting).  
We believe in, and will advocate for the following:

Healthcare for all Americans that provides:
  • Quality, accessible affordable coverage.
  • Reproductive care and choices for women.
  • Coverage for children.

Government led by people of integrity:
  • Honesty and accountability of police and other officers of the court.
  • Honoring the institutions of our democracy.
  • Getting big money out of politics regardless of party.
  • Equal rights for all Americans.
  • Free, safe and open voting in districts representative of their constituents.

Fair and respectful treatment for all people (citizen, and non-citizen alike):
  • Constitutional rights of free speech, free assembly and free press.
  • Pursuit of safety from gun violence.
  • Equity and fairness for workers and students.
  • Access to jobs commensurate with educational focus and level achieved.

Rights of workers to bargain collectively:

  • Earning a living wage.
  • Equal pay for equal work.
  • Ability to work towards and save for a comfortable retirement.

A healthy planet for this and future generations.

Photo: Ira H. Srole